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Hey! My name is Gracie and I just got done with my first year of showing cattle. This is a picture of my buddy Josh. Hes a very spirited steer and LOVES sweet tarts. He wasnt one of those high dollar National show champion steers. He was homegrown but I didnt care! I loved him anyway!








Hi, my name is Carley.

I am 7 and have been showing cows for 3 years. This is me and my steer Bandit. He was a bottle calf that I raised since his momma died and I love him. I have showed him for two years and have had to retire him to the pasture now but I have a new heifer named Brynea to show this year. I just got her halter broke and have her leading pretty good. She will be by 4H beef project this year that I will show first at the county fair. I also just bought my first registered heifer (a Santa Gertrudis). I don�t have a name for her yet but she is really pretty. I love to show cows and plan on raise my own herd someday when I become a large animal vet.




Hi! My name is Kendra and this is my 4H steer, Tucker. This is going to be my first year in 4H and with a steer. I'm still learning and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to lead him for the first time!! Yesterday we put a halter rope on him and tied him up and I talked and pet him to get him used to me. That's my story so far!!! -Kendra







Hi, my name is Autumn Clair. I have been showing Belted Galloways for 7 years now. I love my cows. I am a junior member of the Belted Galloway association. I own 3 cows.




Cattle4Kids CowHey...

My Names Laura, I’m 13 And Live In Britain.

Me And My Family Own 6 Dexter’s Which 4 of Them Are in Calf. Next April I Will Be Doing My First Show, I Can’t Wait.

We Are Also Members of the Dexter Cattle Society.  We Can keep In Touch With Other Dexter Herds and Breeders.

This Picture is Of One of My heifers.


cattle4kids storyHI!!!

My name is DJ. I have been showing cattle for 6 years now, and have been in 4-H for 8 years now. That makes me 15! I really enjoy working with cattle. And it is a really good experience for all ages to learn about producing cattle, and making profits. Breeding cattle is one subject that I think that younger kids can learn a lot from. That is why I really enjoy showing cattle, because I know LOTS about it. haha... This year I took my two breeding projects (Beverly and Reba Kelly) to fair and along with my 4 steers (Max, Nelly, Champion, And Deny) there and sold one steer in the 4-H market sale and then private sold the others.Participating in other shows other than fair is very fun! We went to a total 6 shows other than county fair. It was very fun! You learn more and more at every show! All of my show cattle are all registered Angus except for one which is Angus semimetal. I am enrolled in the Montana Junior Angus Association, and I am also the junior Angus princess!


My name is Jacob Casey and I am 12 years old. This is my 6th year in 4-H and I am raising my own Black Angus Steer for the fair this year, which starts on September 1st. I got my steer on December 16th, 2006. He had cattle lice on his face and back, and he had pinkeye in his right eye, luckily, both these diseases are going away thanks to medicine I gave him. I feed my steer 3 scoops of Ringmasters High Energy Beef Show Chow, and 1 flake of grass hay a serving, since he is eating so well, he is now around 700 pounds. The first time I tried walking my steer "Whopper," ( which is what I named him) he did not want to walk, so I pulled and pulled but he still wouldn't walk, so he got really mad at me and hopped the fence at the low end of my pasture, we were shocked. We thought the fence was too high for him, but I guess not! He took off running in our neighbors 15 acre field and it took us about 30 minutes to finally catch him and put him back in his pen. A couple weeks later, my dad tried to walk him in our pasture, but once again, he hopped the fence. it took us almost three hours to catch him this time, because he went everywhere. In the river, around the field, through a whole bunch of trees that is like a tiny forest, and dreadfully, our worst fear came. It was getting dark really fast, we checked the time and it was 6:13 P.M. knowing that it was getting dark, we really needed to catch him because his fur color is black and we didn't have much time before we would completely lose him. Luckily, our neighbors just came home from work and they decided to help us. 15 minutes later, we caught him and tied him to a post. My neighbor went and got his trailer and we got my steer in it, and we drove it back to our house and put him in his pen. These past few weeks have been very good, we raised the fence really high with hotwire on it so he couldn't jump over it, and I can walk him now, thanks to the idea our neighbor gave to us, all we do is tie his rope to our truck and drive around our pasture, and he walks with us.(Not like he has much choice!) After we tire him out, we untie him and we can walk him around our pasture smoothly! No tugging required! After our walking session,we put him back in his pen and feed him. So here's my advice, if your raising a show steer, just tie it up to your truck and drive him around, or, you can tie him up to a 50 foot long rope and tie the end of the rope around a big strong tree and watch him try to run! Both these ideas tire your steer out and within a few minutes, they will get the idea that they're not getting out of the situation!

Thanks for reading my story!


I`m Sally this is my polled hereford heifer Dilly. She is currently my 4-H beef show heifer. I`ve raised her from a bottle and I love her to Death!!!!!!!!

She was orphaned as a calf.  She leads where I want her to and never even thinks about trying to charge at me! I bottle raised her and I also bottle raised many other calves.

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